Our studio is a hub of positivity and enjoyment for people of all ages and abilities in a range of styles where every dancer can be themselves, make new friends, and be welcomed as part of our In Step family.
Our mission is to create a fantastic experience for every dancer, giving them professionally run classes, the platform to create special bonds and memories, develop new skills, and grow into confident individuals.
— Christine Wishart, Dance Studio Owner

Junior In Steppers

These are our youngest members of In Step starting from 1 years old until 12.


Mini steppers

Walking - 3 years

Our In Step journey begins with our Mini Steppers. This half hour class is an introduction to dance with a focus on co-ordination and movement to the beat. It is a high energy, fun filled class where we use props, learn new skills, follow along and bond with our loved ones and fellow new friends! This class is suitable for both boys and girls who are at the stage where they are able to walk. You can book a 2 week trial for just £5 to see how you like it before joining up.


Pop Stars

3-4 Years

When our dancers turn 3, they can join our Pop Stars classes! This is a really fun and energetic class consisting of our three track warm up where we work on our dance skills through storytelling, two pop dances, our animal dance and stretch game and we finish with our quiet time cool down. Before we go, at the end of each class, one special In Stepper gets to take Steppy home with them. Steppy is our In Step bear and all the children love him very much.

5-7 Years
Show Stoppers.jpg

Shooting Stars

5-7 years

Our Shooting Stars work on 2 dance styles in their class. These consist of Pop and Contemporary dance. We begin with our circle time worm up, our heart racer, and our stretching track. As well as our two dances, we have our choreography game each week to get the brains, imagination, and confidence going. Of course, we finish with a nice quiet time cool down before one special In Stepper gets to take Steppy home with them. Steppy is our In Step bear and all the children love him very much.


Super stars

7-9 years

Super Stars are introduced to our 3 core styles at In Step and have the choice of which style they would like to study. We set the foundations of Street, Jazz and Contemporary dance in each class. Our Super Stars develop skills in strength and flexibility as they learn how to kick, turn, and leap properly in their contemporary and jazz classes as well as learning the foundations of street dance styles should they choose to study this style.


Show Stoppers

9-12 years

Show Stoppers have a few more classes up for offer. They can choose from Street, Jazz, Contemporary, Choreography, and Stretch & Tone. This is the age group that we help to evolve into strong and knowledgeable students in preparation for becoming exceptional Seniors.

2 Week Trial Class Pass
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Senior In Steppers

Senior In Steppers can choose from the styles of Street, Jazz, Contemporary, Choreography as well as our fitness class - Stretch & Tone.



In Step specialise in true Street dance forms. Under the umbrella of Street dance come many different styles which vary from waaking to funk, from locking to hip hop. Street dance is ever evolving and In Step most certainly keep with the times. Our Street classes offer a variation of many Street dance forms so our dancers become as versatile as possible. Our Street Dance In Steppers can put their hand to anything as they are not limited to just one Street dance style. These classes are suited for mixed ability from aged 13-19 years. 


Jazz at In Step is taught in the same way as any professional jazz class in the professional world and should a Jazz In Stepper go on to a professional dance training, there will be no surprises on the delivery of a jazz class. We start with a technical warm up to improve on strength and flexibility followed by traveling work consisting of turns, kicks and jumps. We then work on choreography which is either a new combination or show work which includes all the traditional, funky Jazz moves. In Step Jazz classes are sure to leave you feeling great and full of life. These classes are suited for mixed ability from 13-19 years.




Contemporary at In Step is divided into two classes - a general level and a more advanced level for our Contemporary Selects, a class entered by invitation only. 

Our Contemporary class is made up of a combination of Cunningham, Graham, Limon and Release contemporary styles. This class work on a variety of technique exercises and traveling sequences in all styles of contemporary. We then put the techniques we have learned into lyrical choreography. We work mainly to modern music where we encourage every dancer to express themselves and develop their musicality.

Contemporary Selects is a choreography class where each dancer is encouraged to get in touch with their individual way of movement, interpreting what is given to them in their own way. Dancers learn to be confident by working in small groups and teaching each other. They soon learn that producing their own work isn’t as daunting as it first seems. Each part of their own choreography is well structured by the choreographer so no dancer will be stuck or free from ideas. Many magical moments are sparked in this class. 

Classes are suited from ages 13-19. 

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the selects

In Step Selects are the face of In Step. These dancers are the driving force behind creating a community both within and outwith our dance school. We host events and perform at events all with the aim of pulling our community closer together and celebrating our achievements. Our Selects undergo the most focused and advanced dance training here at In Step. These classes are a great stepping stone for any dancer who may wish to train professionally.
Role of an In Step Select - Each In Step Select is a role model to the rest of the school. Children of all ages look up to them and can turn to them for help and support. Selects have an important yet rewarding role in representing In Step as a dance school. They are given opportunities to watch professional performances, perform at various events, gain teaching work experience, receive exclusive invitations to master classes with guest choreographers as well as first access to new merchandise or workshops.

Select Jrs 2017/2018

Select Jrs 2017/2018

the audition process

We like to give our dancers the experience of an audition to gain a place as a Select. This is for a variety of reasons:

For those who would like to train profesionally, this is great practice for them to see what an audition is like. 

It gives our dancers something to work towards and a sense of achievement if they gain a place.

It is important for our Selects to re-audition each year so as they do not become complacent. 

It allows teaching staff to make an informed decision as to who fits the role best and is able to perform under nerves and pressure.

Annual auditions are held each Summer to allocate the next group of Selects to represent our school. Dancers can apply for Select Jr's if they are aged 3 to 13 and to our Selects if they are aged 13+. If successful, In Step Selects will be assigned their own individual Select number which they can have printed on their personalised Select uniform and any other uniform they choose to.

Selects 2016/2017

Selects 2016/2017


Step In To You

This is our adult class which runs every Tuesday night, 7pm-8pm.

This class is designed to challenge everyone, no matter how fit, unfit, experienced or inexperienced you may be. We just want to get you moving, have some fun and have a great time all while toning up, getting stronger and breaking a sweat. 

This class is a perfect mix of getting your heart rate up, strengthening your muscles, and stretching everything out. It is sure to leave you feeling GREAT afterwards.

We are offering a 2 week trial for just £5. The class costs £18 per month thereafter should you decide to join up which can be cancelled anytime.



In Step are now providing Zumba classes at our studio.

Perfect For

Everybody and every body! Each Zumba® class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on.

How It Works

We take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check.


A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.

In Step LIVE


The highlight of the year..

In Step LIVE is our annual dance show which takes part at the end of each year. Every single dancer is invited to take part in this huge event which we hold to showcase all of the hard work our dancers have put in over the year.

Our dancers absolutely love to perform at In Step LIVE. We pull in an audience of approximately 500 in the stunning venue of the Easterbrook Hall in Dumfries.

Our dancers get to make memories which last a life time. Not only that, but our dance families get to experience the magic which takes place at In Step. Families get to see for themselves what great work we produce at our studio and just how much their loved ones flourish on stage.